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February Meeting Minutes
by posted 03/20/2018

AJFC Board Meeting Minutes

February 21st, 2018- MINUTES  started at 8:24 Meting Adjourned 9:36

Eligible Voters:      Mark Behrend, Jackie J, Kate Wypij, Marcie Mason, Lisa Phillips, Sarah Kuntz, Kim Westmiller, Rob Westmiller, Kristina Lucas, Kristi Urso, Ken J, Marisa Blatner, Rick Blatner

Roll Call:                                  John Urso

Presidents Report:                  Bill Kissell

Vice Presidents Report:          Laura Koch – Nothing New

Secretary’s Report:                 John Urso – Waived reading of the minutes

Treasures Report :                  Kristin Retzlaff  - $19,748 Ledger Balance, see treasurer report

Sgt. @ Arms / Grievance:       Bill Wypij – Nothing New

Coordinators Report:             Kathy Chowaniec – Discussed Cheer Zone & NOFA Cheer, and need a better system for Volunteering for next year.

Commissioners Report:          Wayne Lavis— Nothing new to report – NOFA Cheating discussions will be brought up at next NOFA Commissioners meeting.


NEW COMMITTEE’S - Committee Reports:

Concessions;                Laura, Tammy, Jamie, Tom Stanley, and Keith

Fundraisers;                 Dan Kruk, and Jen Boucher

Administrative;            John

Banquet;                      Dan, Nikki, Kate W, Bill W

Football;                      Wayne, Jeremy P, and Ben Baker

Cheerleading;             Kathy, Shannon

Volunteers;                 Kristin

(NEW) Statistician;       Marcie Mason


Old Business:

  • Coaching Letter of Intent to Bill Kissel by February meeting
    • There were no objections when proposed
  • Vote on Coaches at March Meeting
    • There were no objections when proposed
  • Set Registration Dates at March Meeting
  • Head Coaches to have Assistants to Bill Kissell by June meeting for vote
  • Reviewed 2017 vs 2018 Budget – Final Budget to be reviewed once completed by Bill Kissell
  • By-Laws & Policy & Procedures meetings to be scheduled for March & April
    • Bring any changes you would like to see to either the Policies & By-Laws
    • Must be approved by vote
  • Committee Selections to be at the February meeting

New Business:

  • Reviewed Budget, Ben Baker Motioned to pass, motion was carried unanimously
  • Flag Football through the town, Rob W motioned to have town run, motion was carried
  • Coaches Letters were received for 2018 as follows
    • Alicia Vogt – Beginner Cheer - Uncontested
    • Kim Westmiller – Mini Cheer – Uncontested
    • Kristin R – Varsity Cheer – Uncontested
    • Marissa Blatner – JV Cheer – Must Be voted on
    • Shannon Retzlaff – JV – Must be voted on
    • Rodney – Beginner Football – Uncontested
    • Eric Puzan – Mini Football – Uncontested
    • Jeremy Phillips – JV Football – Must be voted on
    • Bill Wypij – JV Football – REMOVED HIS NAME AT END OF THE NIGHT
    • John Urso – JV Football – Must be voted on
  • Policy & Procedures to be reworked
  • By-Laws to be reworked

By-Laws & Policy/Procedures to be voted on in May

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